6 July 2019, Saturday, 9am to 12pm

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School Holiday Program

27 Apr 2019 to 30 Jun 2019
T.E.A.M. Student Care collaborates with external vendors for school holiday programs for the benefit of our students in-house. The remaining vacancies will then be open for public registration. 

The June 2019 holiday programs are now OPEN for public registration.  Please call 6221 1917 to enquire about holiday program vacancies.  You may submit your completed form to teamstudentcare@gmail.com   Upon confirmation from T.E.A.M. Student Care, then payment need to be made before program start dates.   

Please download the June 2019 Holiday Calendar for reference. The individual programs registration forms &/or write-ups are available for downloading too.  

English Composition Masterclass by Singapore Young Writers Press

June Holiday Masterclass (Primary 4 to Primary 6 students) 
Singapore Young Writers Press will be conducting June Holiday English Composition Masterclass at T.E.A.M. Student Care premises!  
Their approach focuses on analysing words, phrases, passages, and even videos, and brainstorming of plot and descriptive details for students to understand why things are written in a certain way – the nuances of language such as the mood the author is trying to convey, how to create tension, etc – so that they can develop their original plots and descriptions.  Hundreds of students have benefitted from their simple and elegant frameworks, such as the matchstick man and 5 senses models, which have been refined over the years. 

Venue: T.E.A.M. @ Cantonment (120 Cantonment Road #04-00 Maritime House)
Dates: 10, 11, 12 and 14 June 2019 (Mon, Tue, Wed & Fri) (Total 4 sessions) - FULL
Time: 2.00pm to 4.00pm (2 hours each)


Venue : T.E.A.M. @ Henderson (#05-22 Apex@Henderson)
Dates : 17 and 18 June 2019 (Mon & Tue) (Total 4 sessions) - Dates UPDATED! 
Time: 10am to 12nn, AND 2.00pm to 4.00pm (2 sessions per day, 2 hours per session)

Class size:  Minimum 6, Maximum 12 students
Rate for T.E.A.M. Student: $240 per student per course
Rate for Public: $260 per student per course

To register, download "1. Reg Form-English Composition Writing by Singapore Young Writers Press.pdf"

Programming Holiday Camp by Brickworks Robotics Studios

This Holiday Programming Camp is suitable for Primary 1 to Primary 2 students including first-timer in robotic and coding.  There will be higher weightage of mission-oriented programming.  This program will be conducted at both T.E.A.M. Cantonment and T.E.A.M. Henderson on different dates for parents to choose. 
2. Brickworks-Lower P-Cantonment.jpg
Duration: 6 hours per session x 2 sessions
Time: 10.00am to 5.15pm 
Class size: Minimum 12, Maximum 20 students
(cost inclusive of lunch and teabreak)

Rate for T.E.A.M. Student: $180 per student per course
Rate for Public: $216 per student per course

Venue: T.E.A.M. @ Cantonment (120 Cantonment Road #04-00 Maritime House)
Dates: 3 & 4 June 2019 (Monday & Tuesday) - FULL 


Venue: T.E.A.M. @ Henderson (#05-22 Apex@Henderson) 
Date: 24 & 25 June 2019 (Monday & Tuesday)

To register, download "2. Reg Form-Brickworks Coding Robotic.pdf".  

2D & 3D Pen Printing (suitable for all levels) By Just Fly It!

The 3D pen works by melting thermoplastics (e.g. ABS or PLA) and then extruding it through the tip of the pen.  The extruded plastic is soft and will follow the movements of the pen to form the object that the person draws.  Students will learn how to use the 3D pens to design 2D objects like keychains and 3D objects like bowls or plates.  They will get to bring their creation home for themselves or their loved ones.  
Venue: T.E.A.M. Henderson (201 Henderson Road #05-22 Apex@Henderson) 
Date: 11 June 2019 (Tuesday) Or 12 June 2019 (Wednesday)  
Time: 9.30am to 12.30pm (3 hours)  

T.E.A.M. Student Rate: $35/pax 
Public Rate: $40/pax 
Class size: Minimum 10, Maximum 20 pax 
(Cost includes notes, 3D pens on loan, material (filament) used in class.) 

To register, download "3. Reg Form-2D 3D AUTOCAD Printing.pdf".  

2d 3d pen print.jpg

“Build a Zoo!” Math Holiday Camp by MATH MONKEY SINGAPORE

Math Monkey Singapore is offering Math Holiday Camp suitable for P1 and P2 levels. 

The theme for this June Camp will be Junior Zookeepers – build a Zoo!   Students will be task to be a zookeeper and learn how to manage a zoo.  A project base that require math skills to buy and upkeep the animals to be a owner of a zoo.   Packed with lots of fun, action and learning of math concepts; this will definitely keep children off their chairs.  
Learn about how should they spend and manage their budget they have (money - addition & subtraction), how to build a cage for the animals (measurement - length), to sell products at the souvenir shop (presentation skills, money) and last but not least – how to manage the business (reading of data and graphs).
MATH MONKEY.jpgVenue: T.E.A.M. Henderson (#05-22 Apex @ Henderson) 
Date: 17 and 18 June 2019 (Monday & Tuesday)
Time: 9.30am to 1.30pm, 4-hour per session
Class size: Minimum 10, Maximum 20 pax (students will be placed in group according to their level) 
Suitable for: Primary 1 and Primary 2  

T.E.A.M. Student Rate: $190 per student  
Public Rate: $250 per student (cost inclusive of lunch at T.E.A.M.)

To register, download "4. Reg Form-Math Monkey (P1 to P2) Holiday Workshops.pdf"

2019 Primary 3 & 4 Lower Block Science Revision Workshop by Ms Daphne Choo

Primary 3 and 4 Revision Workshop is structured to help students revise the more challenging science topics covered in the Lower Block. The revision workshop aims to address the common misconceptions of each topic and expose students to a variety of application questions pertaining to each topic. Questions chosen will be from the Lower Block of Primary 4 2018 Top Schools Examination papers.

Venue: T.E.A.M. Cantonment (120 Cantonment Road #04-00 Maritime House)
Dates: 17, 18, 19 and 20 June 2019 (Monday to Thursday) 
Time: 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. (2 hours per session)
Course Fees Nett: $60 per day (Students can choose to attend one day or up to 4 days workshop depending on the topics they wish to reviese, cost inclusive of course materials.)

For enquiry, please contact Ms Daphne Choo Tel: 91198708 or email

To register, download "6 Reg Form-Science Workshop (P3 to P4).pdf".

School's OUT, Fun's IN ! 

These are photos of our past activities during our June, November/December school holidays.