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About Us
About Us

Our Philosophy

We believe that every child is unique and talented in his or her own way.

We provide a conducive learning environment that feels like home for your child.

Teach and coach creatively
Teach and coach creatively
Engage actively through play
Engage actively through play
Advocate good character development
Advocate good character development
Mentor young minds to become resilient  and respectable leaders of tomorrow
Mentor young minds to become resilient and respectable leaders of tomorrow

Why choose TEAM?

We believe in fostering strong TEAM-work among the colleagues.  Thus creating a BIG family setting for our staff and students! T.E.A.M. believe in strong partnership with parents and partners to provide a safe and enjoyable after-school environment for our students.  We are a Student Care, Enrichment Centre and Tuition Centre all under one roof.

  • Teach
  • Engage
  • Advocate
  • Mentor
Student Care
  • Big family setting
  • Healthy home-cooked meals
  • Students grouped by level with form teacher
  • Low adult-child ratio
  • In-house English/Maths/Chinese lesson with worksheets/assessment book.
  • Revise school's spelling and ting xie.
  • After-school schedule incorporating time for school work, learning beyond textbooks and FUN-time!
  • Daily communication with parent on coaching progress.
  • Interesting and educational in-house school holiday programmes, excursion.
  • Community services with parental involvement.

Optional enrichment programmes conducted by external vendors inside T.E.A.M. centres. Such collaboration allow students to attend the enrichments inside T.E.A.M. without having to shuttle them from place to place to attend the different enrichment classes. 

Programmess available are:

  • Piano, Music Theory
  • Coding/Robotics
  • Abacus/Mental Arithmetic
  • Yoga for Kids
  • Chinese Reading

Private tutors offering their services inside T.E.A.M.

Benefits of such collaboration:

  • Convenience for Parents. No travel time and fetching.
  • Tuition in a familiar setting for the students.
  • All subjects for all level.
  • Undergraduate tutors, full-time tutors and Ex/Current MOE teachers.
  • Tuition: English, Chinese, Science, Mathematics

Our Journey

Enrichment TEAM Pte Ltd established to provide quality enrichment programmes to preschools and childcare centres 

March 2012

Established T.E.A.M Student Care brand, with the first branch at Maritime House.

December 2014

Second branch T.E.A.M Student Care @ Henderson (Apex@Henderson)

December 2017

Third branch T.E.A.M Student Care @ Everton (2 Everton Park)

February 2019

Fourth branch T.E.A.M Student Care @ Tanjong Pagar (Tanjong Pagar Community Club)

September 2021

Now! T.E.A.M Student Care @ Henderson Community Club

February 2022

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T.E.A.M. Student Care provides after-school care for primary school